The Friends Made at Dance Classes

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What is it your child/you love about Chameleon Theatre Arts?
“The friends.  I don’t think you can beat the friends you make at a dance class.  You get to know each other so well & they become part of your life each week.”

Have you or others seen a change in your child/ yourself since coming to Chameleon and what have these changes been?
“I’m happier in myself; as you know health had some issues….I’d danced all of my childhood & teens; I thought I couldn’t dance again.  I thought I’d be laughed at & belittled.  But actually it has put a real smile on my face again.  My confidence is growing again bit by bit & it has help with my pain management too.”

Are there any particular classes that are your favorites and why?
“No, I like all of them.  I love grades because you get to learn the theory behind dance….and I love general classes because you get to be creative.”

Are there any new classes you’d like to see happening?
“I always think one class specifically on stretching & flexibility could be good; but not sure of the take up of it.  I think an overall conditioning class could be great, especially for the teens.”

K. Vale

Great feedback from client, thank you for taking the time to do this.

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