Dance Uniform

What do I wear?

For all new students when first starting classes students may wear comfortable clothing like a t-shirt and leggings/tracksuit bottoms (for ease of movement) and may borrow dance shoes from the borrowing box. We only expect students to wear uniform after their 4 week trial period and this uniform can be ordered through the website or at reception in the studio. We hold stock for most items and can order in items usually within a couple of weeks if they are not in stock.

What happens after my free trial?

On the day of your free trial you will receive, a starter pack containing a signup form with our terms and conditions, a feedback form, our dates for your diary and a referral card! On your second week you will need to bring back your signup form and pay a £20 sign up fee; this includes our admin fee + a purple Chameleon T-Shirt! During the week after returning your sign up form you will receive an email from our payment system, this is where you will set up your monthly direct debit. Direct debits come out on the 1st of every month 12 months a year. You receive 4 weeks free holiday a year and we are closed for the 2 weeks of Christmas + bank holidays.

Annual Show Information

Over the past 11 years we’ve put on 8 shows with sell out audiences. We’ve also done lots of charity/ fund raising events/displays for Little Havens’ Children’s Hospice, The Forget Me Not Suite in Basildon Hospital, SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) and other charity’s.

Every student has the opportunity to dance in our amazing show (every 18 months). We don’t have a show every year as we like to give the students time to prepare for exams, other competitions, displays and charity shows. We also do this to help parents with spreading the costs of doing these wonderful confidence building events.

Each show consists of around 35 dances, with usually 2 dances per class (subject and age group).
At the end of each final show we give awards to the students that have shown dedication, have worked hard/well in the Chameleon team, maybe have overcome or are working hard to overcome struggles in class and of course the most improved (Angel Hardman Award).
We also give an average of 3 scholarships to students who show potential in their dance ability and this enables them to extend their dance practice and really enhances their training.
The Bernard Ringshaw Award is awarded to the most outstanding student in all areas and was named in memory of Miss Louise’s uncle who himself was a successful entrepreneur and had built the building where we had our first studio. The Angel Hardman Award is awarded to the student who is most improved and was named in memory of Miss Claire’s (Bailey) daughter who sadly died before hers and her sister Lucie’s birth in 2011, and after returning to teaching at the studio after this time Miss Claire had noticed the improvement in students, which gave us the idea to name the award in Angel’s honor.

Dance shows do cost money, however as we said before, we do our best to spread the costs out and to keep them down as much as possible. Miss Louise travels far and wide to source costumes at the most reasonable prices and also allows parents to pay into a ‘costume club’ from one year to the next. We do try our best to keep the average cost at around £30, however most Primary students come in at around £15. It’s worth noting that the more subjects a student does, then the higher the cost due to an increase in the amount of costumes. Committing to the show costs £25 and this goes to the theatre for the show as a deposit to them. Rehearsals cost £5 each, no matter how long we need on a particular day and are usually held on Sundays at the studio in Rayleigh. Students commit to doing rehearsals when signing up for the show and are usually expected to do no more than 3 (Primaries/Adults) or 6 (Junior, Intermediate, Senior).

Tickets for shows need to be bought in order to come and see the show.

Chameleon Theatre Arts Terms & Conditions for Payment.

    All payments for classes are made via 12 month direct debit on the 1st of every month.

  • Pupils to be respectful of all Staff at all times
  • Hair is to be worn off the face in a bun. No jewellery or watches to be worn
  • Dance uniform is to be worn after 4 week trial period
  • You receive 4 weeks free holiday a year and we are closed for the 2 weeks of Christmas + bank holidays. All students are to be set up on a direct debit after their second week at Chameleon Theatre Arts and all class payments are taken via this method, along with the £20 sign up fee. Failure to comply with these payment terms without a valid reason, may lead to a request that the child be withdrawn from the classes, in which case all outstanding fees will become immediately payable
  • After the trial period a minimum of one months’ notice in writing to the Principal is required if a child is going to be withdrawn from the School altogether. Failure to give the School the required written notice will result in a liability for two month’s fees
  • Chameleon Theatre Arts cannot accept responsibility for the security of nor the collection of a child’s personal belongings whilst on the premises used by the School. Every effort is made to ensure that children do not leave personal belongings behind, but without any liability attaching to the School or its Staff for any loss or damage occurring
  • Missed classes are still chargeable
  • When completing the registration form every item must be completed and if anything changes you must advise us in writing
  • Parents are able to stay in the waiting room but are not allowed in the classes whilst the lessons are in progress. If you need to make the Teacher aware of anything please put this is writing and hand to the Teacher at the beginning of the class
  • Uniform is to be worn at all classes as from the trial period. Details are attached. For the Trial period t-shirts and either leggings or jogging bottoms are to be worn. All long hair is to be worn in a bun at all times. All uniform is to be named clearly and to be brought to class in a named bag
  • Snacks are not allowed in classes but water in a named bottle is suggested
  • All members of Chameleon Theatre Arts will be photographed/videoed and by agreeing to these terms you agree that this can be used for promotional work
  • All parents allow the use of photographs and videoing of their children when participating in shows and displays

What do our students think of us?

After asking our students what they feel has been the biggest thing they can take from Chameleon Theatre Arts, a majority commented that the confidence it gives them is a big reason they continue, as well as the family feel the studio has.

We have seen improvements in coordination in children with dyspraxia and autistic spectrum disorders, with their behavior and concentration too! The teachers have applied some of the learning’s Miss Louise had about this within classes and would encourage parents of children with any of these tendencies to read the book ‘Dancing with Dyspraxia’, to see what changes movement and coordination can do for a child!

For those students who are seen to be outstanding and having a flare for dance or any area within the classes, they will be invited to be part of the Chameleon Elite Troupe. These students are expected to come to extra classes and to train more regularly with other outstanding students. They will be entered for competitions and will be chosen to do more events etc. For anyone wanting to know about progressing in any chosen subject please speak to one of the teachers, email or fill in an information request on the website.

Do we do exams?

The Association of American Dancing are the association examinations are taken under and now earn UCAS points for students passing these exams. The structure of these exams means that children aren’t taught just to pass them, but gives them an all round knowledge of the steps and an ability to adapt these steps into different routines and combinations with ease.

Examinations can be taken to achieve higher levels of dance, teaching exams can also be taken once all exams are completed and we have students gaining these accreditation’s every year.

Do we do Performances and Auditions?

All students have the opportunity to participate in events including shows, carnivals, displays, competitions and fetes. We have previously participated in Corringham & Stanford carnival and festivals, school fetes, ‘Together Against Crime’, ‘Olympic Opening’ displays at the Basildon Sporting Village. And many more. We have also taken part in competitions across the country including the Buxton Opera House, Wolverhampton (British Troupe Championships), where our Adult Troupe won 1st place and where our Juniors won the Southern Heats (1st place) and Blackpool, where our Senior troupe won 1st place in the country for new comer to the competition. Our school has won 1st place for Major examinations, plus 1st place for teaching examinations.

Students are encouraged to audition for shows etc. to gain places in performances with the following:

    English Youth Ballet
    Young Performer’s (variety shows at the Her Majesty’s Theatre, Shaftesbury Theatre and Palladium)
    British Troupe Championships,
    AAD Gala and London Shows (Billy Elliot, Matilda etc.)
    as well as students successfully auditioning for Pantomimes in local theatres every year. We have an above 90% success rate to students auditioning for parts in these companies/shows.