Payments for classes should be made my standing order and any other payments can be made by cash or card.

Chameleon Theatre Arts Terms & Conditions for Payment.

  • Pupils to be respectful of all Staff at all times
  • Hair is to be worn off the face in a bun. No jewellery or watches to be worn
  • Dance uniform is to be worn after 4 week trial period
  • The trial period is 4 weeks where payment is made at the beginning of the class. From then onwards the fees for lessons are payable in advance for the month. If they are late by over 21 days a £10 admin charge will be added. Payments are preferably made by cash or debit/credit card. Failure to comply with these payment terms without a valid reason, may lead to a request that the child be withdrawn from the classes, in which case all outstanding fees will become immediately payable
  • After the trial period a minimum of one months’ notice in writing to the Principal is required if a child is going to be withdrawn from the School altogether. Failure to give the School the required written notice will result in a liability for two month’s fees
  • Chameleon Theatre Arts cannot accept responsibility for the security of nor the collection of a child’s personal belongings whilst on the premises used by the School. Every effort is made to ensure that children do not leave personal belongings behind, but without any liability attaching to the School or its Staff for any loss or damage occurring
  • Missed classes are still chargeable
  • When completing the registration form every item must be completed and if anything changes you must advise us in writing
  • Parents are able to stay in the waiting room but are not allowed in the classes whilst the lessons are in progress. If you need to make the Teacher aware of anything please put this is writing and hand to the Teacher at the beginning of the class
  • Uniform is to be worn at all classes as from the trial period. Details are attached. For the Trial period t-shirts and either leggings or jogging bottoms are to be worn. All long hair is to be worn in a bun at all times. All uniform is to be named clearly and to be brought to class in a named bag
  • Snacks are not allowed in classes but water in a named bottle is suggested
  • All members of Chameleon Theatre Arts will be photographed/videoed and by agreeing to these terms you agree that this can be used for promotional work
  • All parents allow the use of photographs and videoing of their children when participating in shows and displays
Denise Finance Manager

Denise – Finance Manager

We wanted to introduce to you Denise, so you know who you are dealing with when it comes to finances at Chameleon Theatre Arts.

If you have an issues with payments then please use the contact page, and place in the subject line ‘finance’ and Denise will get back to you.